Global online fashion retailer MOTF has announced the launch of its Wool and Cashmere Collection in the Middle East, with premium fabrics to keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable for the Fall / Winter 2022 season. Titled “Blooming Elegance”, the all-new line features trendy knitwear with vibrant colors, contemporary patterns, and versatile silhouettes that are sure to elevate your wardrobe with sophisticated, effortlessly chic looks. 

High-quality, fashionable, and flowy pieces are designed to last, guaranteeing refined comfort in the new season ahead. Soft, breathable textures of the wool and cashmere essentials suit every style and budget – be it luxury pieces at accessible prices or business attire for any professional environment. The collection carries everything from sweaters, dresses, and two-piece sets to trousers and bodysuits – all in bright and warm hues. 

MOTF is on a mission to empower modern women from all backgrounds with confidence, self-expression, and an artistic style that reflects their own vibrant lives. The brand’s name is a reference to the dynamic nature of a deep lake, and that of the sophisticated woman who wears MOTF. The strong, naturally beautiful qualities shared by both are a shared thread running through the lives of naturally chic women: charm, calm, gentle power. MOTF sees the two as sisters in spirit reflecting one another’s natural beauty. Both are calm on the surface yet full of life, and strong in presence yet adaptable by nature. It is an intuitive metaphor that sparks versatile creations for versatile women. 

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