Spring is the time of the year that symbolizes rebirth, instilling new hope and energy and bringing with it an unstoppable desire to escape. 

Travel is an endless source of inspiration, the lens through which we learn about the world, a dream come true.

Tuscan Wildflowers is a visual manifesto combining different perspectives of a single place, seen through the eyes of people with different cultures and backgrounds, a travel diary that reminds us how extraordinarily wonderful it is to broaden the horizons of our mind.

Ferragamo’s journey is all about Tuscan Wildflowers, floral prints featured on Pre-Fall 2021 garments and accessories in celebration of the imperturbable beauty of poppies, daisies and sunflowers: typical emblems of the enchanting countryside around Florence, homeland to Ferragamo. Wildflowers thrive with neither force nor logic, creating random splashes of rampant colour that make the Tuscan scenery quite unique.

The Ferragamo Studio Bag is reworked in organic cotton with the Wildflowers print in a limited edition run for some world-famous resorts: Capri, Forte dei Marmi, Marbella, Cannes, Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro; available exclusively at the Ferragamo boutiques in these locations, the shoulder strap on the bag is personalised with the name of the destination.

For the digital Tuscan Wildflowers campaign, Ferragamo called on painter and designer Lucas Beaufort (France), sculptor Diego Cabezas (Spain), illustrator and painter Marina Papi (Brazil), painter Boree Hur (South Korea), Art Media Studio, Firenze (Italy), a collective specializing in light installations, and illustrator Bijou Karman (USA).