Tiffany & Co. unveils new designs from its 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature—among over 500 Tiffany high jewelry and Jean Schlumberger creations—at its April presentation in Shanghai, China.

Transforming nature’s most vivid chromatic displays into mesmerizing works of art, the collection’s bold aesthetic inspires the immersive space, where extraordinary jewels are showcased in an experiential journey through nature – earth, land, sea, sky. Over 35 different species of gemstones were showcased in the Shanghai exhibition, including Tiffany legacy gemstones tanzanite, morganite and tsavorite.

In addition, Tiffany also offered an exclusive preview of the breathtaking over-80-carat Empire Diamond—named after the House’s founding city—before it is set in a striking design inspired by the 1939 World’s Fair necklace.

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