Oud is a precious and rare ingredient highly appreciated in the Middle East. Oud derives from the Agarwood and has been used to make high quality incense for centuries. The deep, encompassing scent conveys opulence and warmth and lingers for long after the wearer has the left the room. Oud is a large part of the culture in the region and used for social gatherings, in the home, to perfume ones attire as well as for ones hair and body. The ritual of burning and wearing Oud is characteristic to the Middle East and this element makes one of the six key ingredients in OJAR’s fragrance collection. The Absolute bottle elevates the perfume oil landscape with an innovative double cap that features a roll on and a glass stick applicator. The collection is both an ode to the rituals and traditions of the region and at the same time keeping innovation and creativity at the core of the brand.

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