Facial toner should form an essential part of your skincare routine, and here’s exactly why you need to be toning your skin daily, from the experts at Ixora Organic Beauty:

1) To restore and rebalance your skin’s pH levels. All skin problems start with a pH imbalance from internal factors such as diet and more frequently external factors, such as washing our face with tap water, which contains chlorine and some cleansers containing alkaline. 

2) To provide the skin with essential nutrients, vitamins and lock in moisture. 

3) The extra cleansing boost removes dirt and impurities whilst helping close pores and tighten cell gaps. 

4) Preps the skin for moisturisers and serums, ensuring the ingredients are absorbed with optimum efficiency.

Ixora’s toners are a staple in our skincare routine. Packed with powerful natural, organic ingredients to balance the skin pH level and lock in nutrients and moisture to prepare for the next step in the face regimen.

For combination skin we recommend the rejuvenating face toner, for oily skin try using the balancing toner and for dry skin, the hydrating face toner, all with essential oils to soothe and regulate breakouts.

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