Tanagra and Fete Event took guests through a unique culinary journey of India hosted by the gracious Mrs. Falguni Mehta who posed as the perfect host to her friends and family celebrating the festival of lights together.

Guests were greeted at the entrance by a limited-edition Balaji handcrafted by the artisans in Lladro which was the perfect welcome.

The dinner table glistened with crystal pieces from Baccarat setting the mood with a wave of gradient colors joined in harmony by the exquisite floral arrangements.

The journey continued through the tantalizing courses that lit up palettes in the room in a similar warmth that shone through Tanagra’s carefully curated Diwali dinner set up.

An Indian culinary journey is incomplete without its sweet endings warming the soul through a heartfelt thank you from our gracious host Mrs Falguni which was the perfect ending to the most magical Diwali celebrations ever!


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