With the return of Haute Jewels Geneva, the international glorious celebration of jewelry; SICIS Jewels has once again stood out and proven the quality and artistic caliber of its creations. SICIS Jewels, the one-of-a-kind Italian handcrafted jewels, adopted the ancient micro mosaic art in their designs have added a modern twist with multicolored gemstones carefully chosen and selected by expert gemologists of the Maison, creating pieces that are artwork themselves. “Jewels that give free reign to imagination and color, expressions of creative freedom, with combinations from the liveliness of nature, art, and earth.”

The designers, guided by the peculiar vision of Gioia Placuzzi, immerse in the cryptic and intriguing beauty of micro mosaic proving it to be an always-evolving art while creating new jewels and reinterpreting others to offer personalized pieces.
The below Bohemian Dream ring, has been reinterpreted with hues alternating from blue-violet to yellow-orange, highlighting the stamen of the diamond to detect the subtlest shifts of light.

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