Salvatore Ferragamo is participating in the first Milan Digital Fashion Week (14-17 July 2020) with a brand-new video-project to be unveiled on Thursday 16 July at 1:00pm on the Camera Moda digital platform.

This new chapter for the brand is an invitation to think about the future while staying connected to your dreams. Ferragamo’s presentation of the Women’s and Men’s Pre-Spring 2021 collection will be accompanied by an emotive narrative video tracing the brand’s history: from its founder’s incredible resilience and his skill in shaping a wearable dream, right up to the present, to today’s generations and the challenges of the future. This is a story which focuses on the human aspect of creativity, with no limitations of time, just as time was boundless and suspended during the lockdown that saw the creation of the PS21 collection.

“Presenting our video and the PS21 collection at Milan Design Fashion Week is of great significance for us. At a time of great change such as this, standing together and being part of an innovative project like Camera Moda’s is an important place to start (again). We are pleased to be part of this event. With this video we want to create a collective vision of the world of Ferragamo; to affirm who we are, our roots, as well as to celebrate those characteristics, such as the ability to face the challenges brought by the present with strength and flair, which made our founder so unique. A message of strength not just for us, but for everyone.” – Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, Chief Executive Officer of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Ferragamo’s task has always been to seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary, a message that the brand is addressing to itself and to all now more than ever: an invitation to rediscover reality through and beyond the digital, to regain the extraordinary which drives our dreams. With each one of us part and creator of a new story to be told, a story of yesterday, the history of tomorrow.