Akillis completes its jewellery tattoo art line with Animal Tattoo, a collection of 21 pendants inspired by terrestrial and marine wildlife depicted in ultra-graphic lines, rocking the traditional codes of bestiary creations.

A great adventurer, Caroline Gaspard travelled far and wide in search of seven animals that embody the freedom she so cherishes. Felines – jaguars and lions -, plains zebras, desert oryx, koalas, hammerhead sharks and manta rays, all created in gleaming openwork.

To express the character and personality of each animal, Akillis workshops opted for the exacting precision of a meticulously calibrated laser to cut Animal Tattoo pieces from a single sheet of metal. The laser beam infuses the king of the Jungle’s erupting mane with life.

Caroline Gaspard chose monochrome white and black, and two-tone Black & White, magnified by a sparkling precious- stone gaze. The Black & White versions in white gold undergo black DLC treatment – a cutting-edge technique known for its applications in luxury watchmaking and aeronautics.

Caroline Gaspard’s bold energy strikes again! To find her inspiration, Akillis’ artistic director dove into the tropical waters that are home to the giant mantra ray. The veritable work of art starts from the neck and extends its symmetrical openwork pectoral fins over the shoulder blades.

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