With Kemon, hair fashion becomes a lifestyle choice with products that are an expert blend of science and nature. Ever since its foundation in 1959, the Italian brand has been at the forefront of innovation, providing care and treatment for a multitude of hair problems. The Actyva line, now available on Cozmada.com, features a line-up of ten products with proven results from its Disciplina and Nuova Fibra’s shampoos, masks and creams which combat frizzy, dry and damaged hair.


Actyva was launched in 1978 offering a highly specialized product line with a segmentation aimed at satisfying every need and featuring diagnosis and uses procedures that even include sophisticated technological and professional tools. The Actyva line is the balance between the allies that nature provides and scientific research, which turns them into valuable cosmetic ingredients that are enhanced, artfully dosed and balanced in perfect and incredibly effective formulas.


A certified, sustainable, transparent hair care line designed for the specific needs of hair, the Actyva line features ten products providing options for even the most sensitive skin. The wide availability of offer within the lines in the Actyva range is designed for the different specific needs of the hair with solutions for problems such as hair loss, thin hair, sensitive scalp, dandruff, oily scalp, colored hair. 

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