MY WAY INTENSE is an enthralling new way to experience the MY WAY philosophy, which is defined by broadening one’s horizons, shaping a truly unique self through experiences and encounters, and awakening the senses.

MY WAY INTENSE captures how stepping out of the familiar intensifies one’s perception. This leads to moments being experienced even more powerfully.

At the core of the MY WAY INTENSE spirit is the discovery of the truest version of one’s self through memorable connections with others.

MY WAY INTENSE encapsulates the intensity of the experience that arises when one is aware of the world that surrounds them. The ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, and each moment is lived more profoundly.

Actress Adria Arjona is the face of MY WAY and now MY WAY INTENSE.

She authentically embodies the fragrances’ philosophy with her free-spirited, open personality, and a life story that is characterized by embracing new experiences and learning from people from all over the world.

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