This season the IRO woman is yearning for an escape, taking her wardrobe to sunny places where the light is warm and her skin can breathe. Like a box of memories in which you would dig out your holiday finds, she blends all the clothes reminiscing of travels. 

She loves the effortlessness of throwing on a little printed dress, the freshness of a flouncy geometric blouse, or a fringed jacquard sweater, like a sourced exotic tapestry. She takes on the role of an adventurer in her classic cargo pants and an open shirt or in her denim-set, washed out by the passing of time. She also has a daring side in studded leathers, voluminous asymmetrical cuts and laced mini dresses, subtly leaving her back on display while confidently owning her silhouette. 

Her travel wardrobe adapts to the city, where oversized shirts are layered on thin-strapped tops, where compact dresses flatter her figure, and where draped tops give an effortless allure. She can often be found lounging under the sun clothed in openwork embroidered pants or a vibrant ruffled dress.

She wears leather with elegance and plays on contrasts, on any day wearing a shimmering tweed shirt layered over a slim dress, suede mini shorts paired with thigh-high boots or finishing her look with a long, oversized trench coat. A collection that boldly reinvents the summer wardrobe while combining the energy of exploration with the dynamism of new cities.

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