The second season of the Giorgio Armani Crossroads project was unveiled on Giorgio Armani’s social media channels.

Launched last year, it is an initiative consisting of a series of episodes and interviews, in which a group of women tell their personal stories. The focus in each case is a key moment in their lives when they stood at a crossroads and were faced with making decisions that would have a profound effect on their futures. Throughout its history, Armani has repeatedly created initiatives to support the idea of female strength – since the 80’s when he pioneered a new type of working wardrobe around elegant tailoring – consistently aiming to give a voice to modern women and celebrate their personalities and capabilities.

The 12 subjects of the second season of the Giorgio Armani Crossroads project are: Aurélie Dupont, Ayaka Miyoshi, Gugu Mbatha-Raw MBE, Isabella Potí, Kristina Lunz, Matilda De Angelis, Maizi, Maria Taylor, Kim Young Shin, Valentina Sampaio, Vicky Lau, Yasmin Baker. 


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