The epitome of luxury fragrances are over-the-top gifts and top of the line at FRAGRANCE DU BOIS.

HERITAGE by Francois Merle-Baudoin, often defined as haute couture, just makes you feel ephemeral yet powerful. The fragrance provides a calm and lightness yet has a strong sense of something you just know, somewhere you have just been…You are in command when you first try it on! HERITAGE is grounded in its own heritage, that of being the Emperor/Empress of the Privé line. A favourite amongst a mix of European and Middle Eastern royalty, HERITAGE has also found a home with American and British rockstars. Both men and women equally adore it. The elegance and grace that the fragrance exudes are inescapably commanding, graciously enduring, and poetically righteous. François Merle-Baudoin was born in Grasse, France, François is a fifth-generation French perfumer – his grandfather created the world-renowned Anaïs Anaïs.

The refined PRIVÉ Collection from Fragrance Du Bois continues to bring the most sophisticated fragrances to the world. Fragrance Du Bois has redefined luxury by making the highest priced fragrances in their line-up – incredibly unique due to the use of rarefied oils. At Fragrance Du Bois, our promise to you is that we use only 100% pure, sustainable, and the highest quality natural perfume oils and extracts from sustainable sources around the world.


FRAGRANCE DU BOIS PRIVÉ COLLECTION fragrances may just be the most thoughtful gift of the year. The bespoke hand-designed Swarovski bottle can be custom-made! Go beyond the definition of gifting and give the gift that has redefined fragrances: Unisex, Cruelty-Free, and Magnificent scents crafted from the world’s rarest and purest of perfume oils.

We believe in working with and supporting master perfumers, this brings a variety and depth to our collections seldom found. We are proud to be working with the same perfumers from day one who also not only create our perfumes but supply the perfume concentrate oils which guarantees consistency and quality with no change to our formulations.


The Fragrance Du Bois bottles can be personalized with 4,000 to 6,000 ever-elegant Swarovski certified crystals creating a sophisticated bling to the“Most Sophisticated Fragrances in the World.”

Exclusively sold in Selfridges and locations across the world such as Dubai, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Milan, New York, and Paris.

To order online, For store information in Dubai, the UK, Italy, Paris, and USA .

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