Danish brand, Cecilie Bahnsen is delighted to present the Tenth Encore Collection, the brands first-ever handbag collection

In partnership with Japanese heritage brand Chacoli, and using upcycled Mackintosh fabric, Cecilie has created the seemingly simple concept of a structural tote bag, crafted to withhold the test of time, functional and utilitarian in form. 

The iconic masculine contrast to the unashamed femininity, using embellished leftover fabric from past collaborations with Mackintosh the “Creative (wo)mans” tote merges with the Cecilie Bahnsen universe in a limited single run of hand-crafted bags, constructed for this one-off collaboration as part of the tenth Encore collection. 

Chacoli was started in 2011 with its first tote bag made for a bookstore owner to carry the fragile and heavy antique books, expanding to create bags for occupation specific wearers, meticulously testing each bag for each person and profession, wearing it day-in and day-out as a test of time and to create the “Perfect match.” Each bag is crafted to stand on its own- similar to the sculptural qualities of the Cecilie Bahnsen silhouettes, able to stand alone both physically and stylistically.

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