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GUERLAIN Orchidee Imperiale Microlift Serum


THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY LIFT CRAFTED FROM NATURE’S WONDERS Combining technology and nature with alchemy, Guerlain’s Micro-Lift Concentrate brings together next-generation microencapsulation with the miraculous powers of longevity found in orchids. Its highly natural* serum formula complete with 7,000 micro-sculptors works on the skin like multiple microlifts, leaving it with a visibly lifted effect and enveloping it in everlasting comfort.

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Clash de Cartier .. Novelties

Too much or not enough? Classic or eccentric? Clash de Cartier cultivates contrasts. The collection’s latest pieces intensify the clash of two opposing attitudes in an XL version.

Balancing clean design with a larger size, Clash de Cartier multiplies the effect of the Maison’s great codes: ultra-contemporary beads and studs form a generously proportioned ring, earring, bracelet and necklace.

What remains is the sensation of fluidity and mobility, a singular, ribbed mesh becomes Cartier’s new jewellery signature.

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Enter the future of Hyper Horology

Roger Dubuis has consistently demonstrated its penchant for excess and extravagance. An inclination matched by a fearless determination to challenge the rules through a resolutely expressive and contemporary approach. This serial innovator mindset results from visionary engineers and incredible watchmakers combining radical expertise. It is nourished by a daily obsession for designing and creating the future of Haute Horlogerie. Serving aesthetics through technical skills, reinventing tradition by unleashing creativity to push all boundaries, Roger Dubuis proudly introduces the latest interpretation of its iconic Excalibur collection, reserved for an exclusive tribe.
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A song – a harmony of a voice and several instruments – materialises as we discover Villa Necchi room by room. Bringing the casual and outdoorsy nonchalance of a collection that captures the spirit of an ideal grand tour through easy shapes and washed, worn out textures. And just like in a song, each instrument alone is somehow naked, so the spirit of simplification, the taste for the elegantly unfinished give character to the pieces, like they have already lived a life.

At the head of the T Factory, Tod’s Creative Director Walter Chiapponi works on the brand’s lifestyle, interpreting a collection that is both eccentric and spontaneous, always personal and definitely made by humans. While clothing is made up of archetypal garments, accessories highlight the Tod’s know-how, the excellence of the craft and workmanship which goes into making the most intricate details and handmade elements.

For her, washed suede and canvas safari jackets, liquid duster jackets, patchwork leather blousons, pleated trousers and long shirts are the respectable items of a summer trip.

Accessories free imagination and joy. The gommino sandals are decorated with studs and fastened with laces that rise to the ankle; the foot appears almost bare on the high cork platform wedges. The intangibility of the plexiglass hourglass heels contrasts with the palpable tactile nature of the leather straps on sandals. Boots are made of canvas. The archive T Timeless recurs as a sign on loafers and bags with a geometric profile. Shoppers are made with minimal cuts of leather, the bucket bags are made of calf. The Shirt Bag is made by folding large pieces of fine leather. Tod’s Oboe bag is the new version of the hobo with a soft profile.

The masculine wardrobe has an intensely lived-in characteristic and it is formal in its absolute informality. The spirit of the urban traveler is captured in the four patch pockets of the field jacket, a must for the season in drill or washed suede. The same nonchalant perfection is found in the polo shirt, the shirt with patch pockets, in the soft pullovers and loose trousers.

The hero material used in the accessories is washed suede, and the big stitches that accentuate the idea of handmade and that characterise the Gommini with oversize fringing details, which can also be seen in an ankle length version. There are sneakers and tasseled boat shoes which have white, nautical soles. Bags are soft, spacious and functional, or have clean profiles and closures sealed by the archive T Timeless. Signs blend freely, like a journey.
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The Overseas perpetual calendar ultra-thin skeleton was awarded the  “Calendar and Inovation” prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) 2020. This timepiece is the perfect illustration of Vacheron Constantin’s technical and aesthetic know-how: it stands out for its contemporary design as well as for the complexity and sophistication of its ultra-thin openworked movement which also houses a perpetual calendar.

“Above all this award recognizes the talent of all our colleagues, our partners and our suppliers. This award belongs to all of them. I also would like to recognize all the other Maisons who are constantly challenging us and pushing us to elevate our game. Thank you for preserving the Swiss know how and our community! In this particular context I salute their resilience and their passion. These values are essential for all of us to be innovative and to remains relevant”, said Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron Constantin, during the GPHG evening.

Available in an 18K 5N all-gold version, the Overseas Skeleton Perpetual Calendar watch combines the refinement of precious metal with the technicality of its ultra-thin openworked complication movement, Calibre 1120 QPSQ, in a 41.5 mm-diameter case. Skeletonisation, which consists of finely openworking a mechanical movement by hollowing out its components yet without compromising their reliability, is an extremely complex undertaking: a quest for transparency coupled with highly sophisticated skills mastered by very few watchmaking artisans. Today, Vacheron Constantin is one of the rare Manufactures capable of openworking calibres as complex as perpetual calendars and ultra-thin movements. All components of the 1120 QPSQ calibre have been hollowed out, finished and decorated, so as to exalt the functional beauty of the mechanism.

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Tory Burch is thrilled to introduce a campaign celebrating its Fall/Winter 2020 collection and the launch of Tory Burch websites in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. For this campaign, the brand partnered with four incredible women who use their social platforms to shine a light on the beauty in their home countries.


Shahad Salman, Yara Al Namlah, Lana Albeik and Karen Wazen take center stage in a unique video highlighting the vibrant culture and landscapes of the Middle East, as well as the inspiring strength and empowerment of Middle Eastern women. The video, which was shot in different locations across the Middle East, showcases Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection set against historic backdrops.


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Mouawad unveils the spectacular Mouawad Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Crown

at a dazzling event at Icon Siam, Bangkok, Thailand, Mouawad unveiled the Mouawad Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Crown. The unveiling came during the preliminary competition for Miss Universe Thailand 2020 before an audience of VIPs and select media.

Fourth generation Mouawad Co-Guardian Mr. Fred Mouawad, who carried out the unveiling, commented, “The Mouawad Miss Universe Thailand Crown is named the “Power of Authenticity” to align and amplify the theme of the 2020 Miss Universe Thailand pageant – ‘Real U, Real Universe’.”

Fifth generation and Mouawad Diamond Impact Fund Co-founder Jimmy Mouawad added, “The Power of Authenticity crown is an expertly crafted jewel and a tribute to the message that we should adhere to our core values, be unique while being helpful to others, and not try to conform to external pressures but find happiness by shining from within and being our true selves. It’s a stark reminder that we are all unique and have our own way of making a positive contribution in society.”

The Power of Authenticity crown has been designed to incorporate authentic motifs that celebrate Thailand’s noble heritage, with the crown’s base recalling the traditional headwear of the Ayutthaya nobility and the upper motifs inspired by the intricate patterns of Thai temples. Such motifs are emblematic of how values of craft and skill are entwined with beauty in Thai culture and how intelligence and talent have long been considered as the essence of nobility.

Crafted from 18k gold, the Mouawad Power of Authenticity Crown is set with precious gemstones that reflect the colors of the Thai national flag while also carrying a deeper symbolism: white to symbolize the purity that is inherent in authenticity, sincerity and inner wisdom, the boldness of red for the power that is unleashed when being true to ourselves, and blue to evoke the nobility associated with speaking the truth and living a life of purpose.

The culmination of the Miss Universe Thailand pageant will take place at Icon Siam on October 10, 2020, when the winner of the title Miss Universe Thailand 2020 will be announced and crowned with the Mouawad Miss Universe Power of Authenticity Crown.


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Kate Moss, Valérie Messika: At the heart of a unique high jewelry collection with two strong, spirited women. Using one simple word – freedom – the fashion icon and the diamond jewelry designer have collaborated with spontaneity and sincerity. By each harnessing the other’s art, they have been able to express the different facets of their singular personalities through unbridled creativity. Together, they have created a collection of high fashion jewelry that is expressively eclectic and defiantly diverse, which pays homage to a woman who has transcended generations and styles.

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Set to be one of the greatest conservation institutions across the globe, the highly anticipated Dubai Safari Park re-opens its doors today, with an array of spectacular new experiences for visitors to enjoy.


With a full range of interactive, educational and entertainment experiences for audiences of all ages, Dubai Municipality has adopted many changes, in addition to promoting a wide range of animal welfare and conservation strategies that underpin the park’s creation.




The 119 hectare, new-look wildlife reserve is home to 3,000 animals, and features new animals, including African elephants and giraffes, as well as several unique new experiences, such as the Safari Journey, where visitors can experience the park like a Dubai Safari Park Animal Keeper.


  • The Safari Journey features a private guide and driver who will bring the wonders of Dubai Safari Park to life in the most vivid way. VIP interaction, special access to shows and ambassador animals in private vehicles make up the experience.
  • A simplified hop on-hop off bus service will take visitors to each area of the park, including the Asian, African, and Arabian Villages, and along the banks of the Wadi river that stretches the length of the park. The villages and experience can be visited in any order. Visitors will experience a world of adventure and discovery as they get up close to a host of animals including some of Africa’s most stunning wildlife such as lions, rhinoceros, elephants, and giraffes.


In addition to the customer experience, the physiological and psychological well-being of the animals at Dubai Safari Park is of the upmost importance and the park is committed to creating an environment where the animals in its care can thrive. Staff will also be involved in a range of welfare, behaviour, and veterinary research programmes. Through Dubai Safari Park, Dubai Municipality aims to boost conservation and breeding projects for endangered local species.


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On the eve of their 50th anniversary

First launched in 2010, the iconic satchel-style bag was inspired by Alexa Chung’s carefree confidence and the timeless style of Mulberry’s Postman’s Lock accessories. A devotee of the brand, Chung was frequently spotted with a well-loved vintage Mulberry briefcase by her side. Mulberry’s design team were inspired to create a relaxed, modern version of this traditionally formal shape, and the Alexa was born. It quickly became one of the brand’s signature silhouettes and the most sought-after Mulberry bag of a generation.


The relaunched Alexa has been refined in style and reflects Mulberry’s commitment to responsible innovation. The range is made with leather from gold standard, environmentally accredited tanneries and has been crafted at the brand’s carbon neutral UK factories. The result is an update to this iconic laid-back satchel shape that epitomises a modern, sustainable approach to luxury.


The Alexa colour palette ranges from tranquil, earthy neutrals (Charcoal, Chestnut, Chalk), to joyful neon shades to light up the festive season (Neon Pink and Neon Yellow) and key hues of the signature Mulberry palette (Mulberry Green, Deep Amber and Black). As with the original Alexa collection, a trio of sizes is available, with the classic silhouette complemented by youthful Mini and bold Oversized styles.


Celebrating the return of the Alexa, Mulberry’s creative campaign follows a protagonist through dreamscapes and landscapes on a surreal search for the iconic silhouette. Shot by photographer and director Francesco Nazardo, the campaign stars model Steffi Cook, styled by Eliza Conlon. The Alexa short film has been scored by Oliver Burslem – one of the brand’s regular creative collaborators from the My Local gig series.


An accompanying photo series, shot by Gwen Trannoy, explores a new generation of British creative talent meeting the Alexa for the first time. The portraits feature Trippin co-founder Kesang Ball; gal-dem founder Liv Little; Emily Davies, the floral designer behind Athlyn; and artist/illustrator Elif Yilamazturk. Each of the women was asked to choose a London location for their shoot that holds a special meaning for them, introducing the new silhouette to this familiar setting. The resulting images paint a bold and joyous vision of Britain’s creative communities.


In recognition of its cult status, an original Alexa bag – from Chung’s private collection – will be featured in the V&A’s forthcoming exhibition Bags: Inside Out, sponsored by Mulberry. The Alexa will appear as part of the “It Bag” renaissance in a curation that explores the unique cultural status of bags and their craftsmanship.