At Cartier, time is not only what we measure but what we treasure, something to make the most of – in how it is filled and how it is represented.

The strength of this vision drives all of the Maison’s research around time, from its formal representation to personal perception and the experience of the quality of time

For Cartier, it’s time. Our creations place us in the immediate, the here and now. Cartier’s horological creations are capable of evolving and establishing themselves across time periods with a perpetual relevance. It is a question of mastery, translated into the most recent interpretations of iconic designs. The purity of form of the Tank and Pasha de Cartier will always be contemporary.

As a tribute to the historical model, the Santos-Dumont collection adds three new versions to its repertoire of elegance. Three lacquer watches that elevate the style and spirit so dear to the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.

The Panthère de Cartier is the Maison’s quintessential jewellery watch. The watch takes its name from the bracelet: its ultra-flexible structure echoes the animal’s movements. This style icon has now inspired Cartier to create four new versions in rose gold, yellow gold and steel, with a sophisticated silky dial in shades of golden plum, gold, midnight blue and black.

Time, at Cartier, is wrapped. It stretches and reforms itself, constantly changing and pushing into new territories of inspiration. Cartier recognises the value of this time spent searching. The result is always arresting: the language of Cartier design, born over a century of horological advances, enriches itself in the vocabulary of today. Each singular creation establishes its own identity, while maintaining its link with Cartier heritage. This prowess is felt in the exquisitely soft bounce of the paved stone case of the Coussin de Cartier watch; the tactile pleasure of wearing Cartier Libre, a creation that unites the intricacies of watchmaking and high jewellery.

Time, for Cartier, is immaterial. Impossible to encapsulate yet contained within the Maison’s creations. The Maison has explored the mystery of time for over a century; the Mysterious clocks and skeleton movements were made to delight and engage, demonstrating the physical reality of an illusory dimension.

Today, the floating demi-circle of inner workings of the Masse Mystérieuse simultaneously offers a transparent view, while paradoxically adding a layer of mystery.





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