Bymystique, known for being an ethical and environmentally conscious jewelry brand, that pays tribute to the stars and skies, launched through a contemporary collection consisting of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Bymystique was born with a mission to drive positivity, empower and inspire. Designed with the mystic of healing power in mind, every amulet radiates a beam of positive healing energy.

Cosmic and intricate, the made-to-order jewelry brand pays tribute to nature and wonders of the stars. Consciously crafted in Dubai using ethically sourced 18k recycled gold and high quality diamonds that were also previously in the consumer chain, the versatile and timeless jewelry is inspired by the beauty of celestial objects; the sun, stars and the moon. Bymystique uses elements from nature as it believes in protecting the world’s resources. Using 100% fine diamonds and precious gemstones, all of which are ethically sourced, the fine jewelry brand ensures to reduce carbon footprint and avoids wastage, keeping sustainable living and the environment in mind. Bymystique embodies the new form of luxury; positive luxury.

Complementing the fine jewelry collection and the energy of healing power, Bymystique also offers unique candles featuring semi-precious stones. All candles have healing properties with the strength of natural semi-precious healing stones pressed within them to spread calming energy, offering different benefits.

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