Fashion insiders’ go-to footwear brand, BY FAR, is excited to unveil its debut collection of fragrances entitled DAYDREAMS.

The fragrance collection is a celebration of ordinary moments that become playful escapes, with each of the seven new scents inviting you to create your own experience with an innovative selection of refillable charms that can double as an accessory. Whether styled as a charm on your bag or clipped onto your favourite pair of jeans, the refillable charm is an unexpected sensory statement piece.

The DAYDREAM campaign features Kendall Jenner in an uplifting short film and is set to the infectious tune of Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’.


Co-founder & Creative Director of BY FAR, Denitsa Bumbarova says:

“The collection is an invitation to lose yourself in the universe of dreams. Playing over and over, layering one on top of the other to create your own sensory escape.”

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