Art runs through the veins of Cheval Blanc Randheli and proves intrinsic in enhancing guests’ experience. Highly acclaimed artists proudly display their work in this stunning Maldivian paradise
Cheval Blanc Randheli, the second Cheval Blanc Maison by LVMH Hotel Management which opened in 2013, offers guests the very best of the Maldives by creating an unforgettable holiday. Cheval Blanc’s vision is steeped in the values of craftsmanship, creativity, exclusive privacy and Art de Recevoir – which shape every aspect of the property.
This is equally true when it comes to the choice of furniture, fabrics, decorative elements and artwork. At Cheval Blanc Randheli guests are visually treated to bespoke design elements and artwork throughout the Maison.

Some of the masterpieces around the resort:
‘’Arch” By Vincent Beaurin – Arch, the emblematic statue of the venue, welcomes the visitors as a gigantic gate emerging from the waves as they arrive at the Marina. This monumental copper arc imagined by the artist Vincent Beaurin mirrors Bruno Peinado’s horse sculpture in Cheval Blanc Courchevel.
‘’Couronne” By Vincent Beaurin – Couronne, a work of art composed of 46 coloured spots signed by Vincent Beaurin, explores within each of the 45 villas the sumptuousness of a large chromatic spectre to convey an inspiring and soothing feeling. Made of marble and quartz sand, each spot is unique and enchants you with wondrous colours.
‘’Yellow Circle (Glacier)” By Manuel Merida – “Glacier” is one of many monochromes created by Manuel Merida. A combination of organic materials, such as pigments, sand, coal powder, wood particles and painted metal are assembled in a circular form and protected by a glass plate. His pieces turn around a central axis to create a work in perpetual transformation. This gem of a creation can be located at the White Restaurant.
“Walls” By Denniston – An impressive cladding covers the walls of the alchemist lounge and White Restaurant; an assortment of oxide green copper panels for the lounge and brass in bronze finish for the White Restaurant. Each of the panels were hand-crafted individually by the inhabitants of Yogyakarta. This small village in Indonesia is known for its classical Javanese art and traditional culture. It took 4 months to create “hand-beat” every panels. Location: Alchemist Lounge and White Restaurant.


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