ARQA Jewellery, known for their minimalistic, yet luxurious pieces, introduces the Sway collection. The sophisticated collection includes an earring, bangle, single and double ring. Inspired by sophisticated architecture and elegant curves that resemble the sway of any material in the wind, the curvature of the collection makes the pieces timeless and dynamic.


All ARQA pieces are manufactured according to strict, high-end jewelry standards using only the best materials. ARQA jewellery is designed for all women, young, successful and professional, who want to develop their own individual style. The jewellery pieces are created to celebrate memorable milestones and as family heirlooms, to be passed down for generations. ARQA is a celebration of  your achievements and an emphasis on the power of self-belief.


Blending femininity and luxury to empower strong and modern women, ARQA’s collections revolve around simplicity and elegance. Founded in 2019 by Aisha Rashid, ARQA is a fine jewellery brand that features real diamonds and 18k gold. Elegant gold necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are at the heart of ARQA’s modern aesthetic. The dainty designs with 18k gold, diamonds and other precious stones lend themselves perfectly to everyday wear.

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