Harvesting the Golden Fruit par excellence, the bergamot, in a field inundated with sunlight, gently rubbing its bright skin and being ensconced by its robust and faceted smell. The new fragrance of Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura by Acqua di Parma revolves around the artisanship, the human touch, and the fullness of nature. A limited edition born from using a unique essential oil extracted using a time-honoured artisan technique, which makes the world of the Blu Mediterraneo fragrances even more special.


A project long nurtured by the Maison which has always loved to preserve the oldest and most valuable artisanal processes of the Italian micro-territories. The origin of this new fragrance is deeply rooted to the bergamot fields of Calabria, where very few artisans in the world still practise the old sponging technique. A fascinating traditional process, which results in the complete manual extraction of the bergamot essence.



Acqua di Parma unveils a new Eau de Toilette in full symphony with the rhythms of nature and man. From the onset of the fragrance, you would appear to be in a field of bergamots and seemingly picking the fruit with your own hands, brushing it delicately to immerse yourself in the bright fullness of its notes. Around the heart of the bergamot, every ingredient is orchestrated such as to exalt the various intonations which it already encompasses. The mandarin and orange notes exalt its succulent and fruity accents, whilst the grapefruit highlights its sour notes. The green tones of the ferula reveal its mineral intonations and its floral traces of the geranium highlight the enrobing sweetness. An olfactory pyramid with an original structure which expands the robustness of the bergamot in a surprising sensorial evolution. A rich fragrance, bright and full of vivacity which glorifies the bergamot in all its facets.



For the first time the Maison creates a porcelain bottle, which within the ceramic family, absolutely represents the most precious variety. An excellent piece of artisanship which is distinctive for the intense blue colour obtained by adding cobalt in the mix. The bottle is an artisan production and wholly characterised by the re-use of the water and the waste materials according to the principles of the circular economy, besides the natural mineral components of which it was made, produce a non-porous and non-polluting material for mankind and for the environment.

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