Be like Zoë Kravitz, Scarlett Johansson and Dua Lipa and up your piercing game with Maria Tash.


With Maria Tash being the first-ever piercing boutique in the UAE, the brand has become Notorious for their Curated Ears, AKA expertly stacked piercings with their unique jewellery designs. From Queen Rania to Rihanna, even the most famous of faces are obsessed with the brand and continue to inspire others.


Zoë is wearing 6.5mm 3mm Diamond Princess Ring and 16g 8mm Diamond Horizontal Eternity. Scarlett wears the 8mm Invisible Set Large Diamond Eternity Clicker, 8mm Diamond Marquise Scalloped Eternity Ring, 5mm Scalloped Diamond Clicker on her tragus and 8mm Diamond Eternity Ring. Dua Lipa wears a Diamond Flower Earstud, Diamond Five Row Pave Ring, 6mm x 3mm Marquise Diamond Earstud, Invisible Set Diamond Eternity Ring and Plain Ring in Yellow Gold.


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