L’OCCITANE-en-Provence celebrates the eternal connection between nature and man through imagery of the unending ribbon that traces the path from first seed to final product. Weaving itself throughout our 2020 Holiday Collection, this ribbon gracefully captures our commitment to bringing you our best gifts from their fields. To illustrate this magic, we have created a trio of signature, limited-edition gift boxes for this Holiday season. These exquisite gift boxes are the result of another beautiful and symbiotic collaboration, this time between L’OCCITANE-en-Provence and internationally renowned artist, DFT.


Gifting the Spirit of Nature, A Story of Love

The first blossoms appear in very early February, announcing the arrival of spring with their beautiful flowers. My childhood pleasure was to take my little bicycle and pick these first buds as a gift for my mom.” Jean Pierre Jaubert, almond producer and L’OCCITANE-en-Provence partner.


At L’OCCITANE-en-Provence, we strive to capture this spirit of gifting, sharing our gifts inspired by nature with the people one loves. To us, it is an artform. We understand that finding the perfect gift is what makes the holiday season so special, that the act of giving is its own joy and that it really is the thought that counts. We are proud to offer a selection of gifts that aren’t only beautiful and of excellent quality, but that also represent our commitment to biodiversity and to well-being. Beyond our artful packaging, each of our gift boxes come with the story of the products own journey from its field to you. Not only is it an integral part of our commitment to transparency and traceability, but we believe this is an essential link in our story, one that begins with a seed and ends with you. And as we let nature take all the time it needs to offer its sweetest blossoms, its ripest fruit, its most nourishing seeds. We encourage you to take the time to nurture yourself as well and to pass on that gift of time to someone you love.



Lipsticks & Fruity Light Reflection Highlighter

Play up your own natural beauty with these Limited-Edition lipsticks, new from L’OCCITANE-en-Provence.

Inspired by juicy, ripe fruits, these lipsticks offer more than just a pop of color. They condition and plump your lips with vitamin E and the essential oils of grapefruit, carrot and pomegranate. Creamy texture, intense pigment and a satiny finish that lasts up to 8 hours…a pretty secret weapon to take you through all your holiday revelry! Lighten up with our new highlighter that borrows its radiance from the glowing light of Provence. Apply to the apples of your cheeks or in the arches of your brows for instant, natural-looking, luminescence. Plus, it’s formulated without animal derived ingredient and free of silicone.

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